Software Development & Machine Learning (CSE)

Configure Software Development & Machine Learning (CSE)

Can you imagine any gadget without a software? But the methods of programming are changing. Earlier students were learning C++ or Java, visual basic etc. Now at AIAT the programming language is Python, you will practice programming on mini projects. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is knocking on the door. More and more applications in the industry and commerce are using AI. AI in specific machine learning algorithms is being used for Voice assistants (SIRI, OK, Google ) that interpret voice tasks to image recognition, maps, and directions, spam detection, marketing, sentiment analysis, analytics, distribution, rideshares (OLA; Uber), cyber protection, self-driving cars etc.

AI is a growing market share, of USD 93.53 Billion in 2021. It constitutes 41% of India’s IT services in 2020. The annual compound growth is 40% year to year predicated till 2028. 23% of business have incorporated AI. Hence exposure to machine learning as the cutting-edge technology gives students a huge boost in employability as well as start-ups.


Guest faculties:

Duraisamy Pandurangan (MCA)

Kayalvazhi (M.Sc, PTU)

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Industry Partner:

Appasamy Associates Pvt.Ltd.

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